Why don't I see my wallet

Here will explore the common reasons behind this phenomenon and what users can do to address the issue.

1. Disabled Browser Extension

For desktop users, if their browser extension is disabled, they won't be able to see their wallet.

See the following steps:

  • Check the browser exension setting. Visit chrome://extensions/ if you are a Chrome user.

  • Enable the extension by ensuring the toggle is blue.

  • Once enabled, you will see the wallet icon in the browser toolbar. Refresh the page before accessing the wallet.

2. Multiple wallets installed

Often, when a user has multiple wallets installed in their browser, there can be a collision in the space that dapps use to detect wallets. As a result, only one wallet may be available in certain circumstances.

To address this issue:

  • Go to their browser's extension settings (within Chrome browser it is: chrome://extensions/)

  • Make sure to disable all other browser wallets (or ensure they are not set as the default web3 wallet) and enable your target wallet.

  • Refresh the browser before you access the desired wallet.

Also, if you happen to set default browser wallets, then your desired wallet may be unable to show. You can update this default within the wallet settings or by disabling the extension as stated above.

3. Outdated Browser or Extension

If a desktop user's browser or extension is outdated, they may not be able to see their Ethereum-based web3 wallets that are injected into their browser. Wallets like MetaMask update their software frequently to improve security and functionality. If a user's browser or wallet extension is outdated, they may experience issues accessing their wallet.

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